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21 Jun How to get Instagram Access Token
Chornovol Volodymyr 0 148
Step 1 Go to the Instagram Developers Tool: and press Register Your ApplicationStep 2 Then press Register a New Client Step 3 Complete fields, u..
13 Aug OCMOD: processing correction of error=
Chornovol Volodymyr 0 143
When testing one of modifications for Opencart it was found that default modification.php of Opencart 2.0.x and 2.1.x processes incorrect the attribute error="skip" of tag . It breaks processing inste..
13 Jun Downloadable Files: troubleshooting
Chornovol Volodymyr 0 115
Some customers have some problems with OpenCart 2.0 extension "Downloadable Files". Since problems are similar, it was decided to collect solving them in one place.Problem: Blank page, error 500 o..
20 Apr What is geocode and how to find it
Chornovol Volodymyr 0 455
Geocode is geographic coordinates: latitude and longitude. For example, 48.858254, 2.294861 is coordinates of the Eifell Tower in Paris, -15.849054, -69.326599 is coordinates of the lake Titicaca in S..
08 Dec Multiline Search in OCMOD
Chornovol Volodymyr 0 163
Sometimes for making OpenCart mods is necessary to search multiline markers for a higher accuracy.The fix adds a support of qoute attribute. The function preg_quote() uses it.So, go to admin/c..
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