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25 Mar Update of SeoPro Fix for Journal3 Blog
Chornovol Volodymyr 0 70
After a long pause, the module SeoPro Fix for Journal3 Blog received an update. What's new:Native interface that contains:URL view settings List of all blog posts for easy checking of the main cat..
18 Jan New! Simple Google Sitemap Pro 1.5
Chornovol Volodymyr 0 340
Simple Google Sitemap Pro for Opencart 2.3 and 3.x has been updated to version 1.5.What's new:Compatibility with the theme Journal3Ability to set up a pagination param. By default it is page.How to up..
19 Nov The Opencart module Advanced Downloads has been updated to version 3.3
Chornovol Volodymyr 0 513
What’s new in version 3.3:The ability to attach both free and paid files to the same productThe ability to make a link available after purchasing the productImpoved downloads listThe algorithm of outp..
16 Aug The Opencart module Advanced Downloads has been updated to version 3.1
Chornovol Volodymyr 0 992
What’s new in version 3.1:Fixed bugs in mysql queriesThe file structure of the module has been changed. It is related to restrictions of the opencart 3 modules installer. The new structure is more con..
01 Aug Update of free opencart modules
Chornovol Volodymyr 0 794
Good news! The section of free opencart modules has replenished:The popular Simple Google Sitemap is absolutely free nowAlso, the Editable Product List became freeLiqpay Payment Method got a version f..
14 Aug SeoPro Fix for Journal2 Blog: version 2.0
Chornovol Volodymyr 0 449
We are pleased to announce the release of the new version of the SeoPro Fix for Journal2 Blog 2.0!If you've already bought it, you can download a new version that you haven't bought yet, hurry up ..
15 Nov Update of Easy File Attacher - version 1.4
Chornovol Volodymyr 0 463
The update of Opencart modification Easy File Attacher up to version 1.4. It was added autocomplete. You can buy the module Easy File Attacher 1.4 with 50% discount until the end of November!Buy ..
05 Nov Easy File Attacher - version 1.3.2
Chornovol Volodymyr 0 416
The small update of Opencart modification Easy File Attacher up to version 1.3.2. It was fixed a bug with product copying in a product list. Attached downloads are saved now.  You can buy the module ..
30 Sep A small update of Opencart Modules
Chornovol Volodymyr 0 525
We are glade to announce that our paid opencart modules are now compatible with new version of Opencart Multilingual Settings Easy File Attacher Editable Product List Simple Goggle Sitema..
19 Nov New version of Downloadable Files 1.2
Chornovol Volodymyr 0 329
New version of Downloadable Files works with external links. Just enter a link in the filename field of the download form and attach it to product. Also, it was added icons. ..
18 Nov New update of Downloadable Files
Chornovol Volodymyr 0 304
Downloadable Files was updated to version 1.2.1. We fixed a working with long url. Filename field has a 128-characters limit by default. We increased it up to 255 in Downloadable Files 1.2.1. That sho..
17 Nov Update OpenCart extensions
Chornovol Volodymyr 0 363
OCMOD-extensions Downloadable Files and Easy File Attacher was updated to 1.1 and 1.2 respectively. Both extensions was tested with Opencart above On Opencart I got an error after ins..
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